Monday, October 02, 2006

Will there be more from the Post in the morning?

think I might set the alarm for early tomorrow. I'm interested to see the cover of the Washington Tabloid Post.
Who will their liberal readership be able to hate tomorrow? Condi? Foley? Hastert? Rumsfeld? All of them? All Republicans? All Conservatives? Who's next?
Will it be a 4th straight day of Foley cover stories? That would be especially good. Plus another State of Denial column?
Maybe there will be bigger font this time. That could snag a few extra Democrat votes from people passing by newsstands.
Will they widen the size of the front page? There's got to be room for another front page article about nasty, evil Republicans.
Still, unless they do widen the paper for more anti-Republican front page articles, might the Republicans still win this election?
I have to admit, the onslaught of coverage does overcome me sometimes. It will be a miracle for the Republicans to pull something off. Still, somehow, I still am trying to find hope that they will.

Newspaper politics

Liberal newspapers like the New York Times, and currently and especially, the Washington Post, are moving into hard-core election mode in recent weeks.
Every single day a predictable above-the-fold front cover page entourage of articles torching Bush and Republicans.
So predictable.