Sunday, September 17, 2006

The first sign of a possible Republican victory in November

Today, in the only way the Washington Post knows how to do, they give the best sign yet that I have seen that indicates that... just maybe... just possibly... a Republican win is possible.
It's a front page story. It's above the fold. It's the Sunday paper.
But how could a paper like the Post-- which is pulling out all the stops for Democrats in this election season-- pull this off?
It's a story about the likelihood of voter irregularities that might happen in November.
They are paving the way. They are getting that story pumped and primed. Because after months and months of telling all of their liberal readers that the neanderthals of the nation are finally waking up to put Dems back in power. They need to have an excuse ready. Because Republicans couldn't just win because they have a better message, better ideas, better policies... well, just a better attitude about America and the future. So... if the miracle Republicans come through again... it will be as they always say it is (even in Mexico when a conservative just won)... because of voter irregularities.
Let's turn out big for Republicans and they watch yet another tirade. Republicans winning elections, that's great and all. Mainstream media and liberal activist tirades... priceless.

Yet another apology...

The big mainstream media organizations (Reuters, AP, New York Times, etc) seem to dominate the world. Whatever conservative they wish to attack they can demand--- and get--- an apology (at the least) within days. And, with follow-through they can eventually get whoever they are after, to step down.
From Ashcroft to Trent Lott, from Tom Ridge to the Pope, the liberal mainstream media attack takes down any conservative with a quick, relentless barrage.
I will just leave it at that for now.