Monday, August 14, 2006


It would be interesting to see how the elections would turn out if Democrats didn't always have a huge media bias advantage. In other words, would they stand a chance if 9 out of 10 journalists weren't carefully crafting all of their articles with bias for one political party. What if instead of Matt Lauer, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, etc, there were actually news broadcasts by broadcasters that weren't out to make an advantage for one political party? Even Jay Leno constantly rips George W. Bush every single night. I don't consider Leno himself to be biased-- at all. But I suggest maybe he is too naive to realize what his joke writers craft every night.

I remember thinking it would be a miracle if Karl Rove pulled Bush through to victory in 2004. He did it-- basically swimming all up hill against the media tide. Similarly, all of the major news outlets-- newspapers, TV news, Newsweek magazine, etc (sans one media outfit-- Fox)-- are staking the deck for the 2006 elections.

Against all of this somehow can the Republicans come through? Again, it would be a miracle.

But to imagine what it would be like with news coverage that wasn't so biased.... I don't even know what to think. One can only imagine... hope.