Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Terrorism and the Media

I don't know if it will stop. The major media outlets in the U.S. are too determined to undermine Bush about anything. Will it ever change? For world peace and security, it is a major issue. The media would rather divide the world over George W. Bush then hope for positive outcomes and the end of terrorism.

It is all done because the media outlets are super, big, ultra-rich, elitists seeking more greed, money, and power. The New York Times reporters and editors live in some of the most fancy homes on the planet. They wine and dine in the fanciest restaurants in the world. They use their newspaper and stories to promote the interests of the historically super power political power of this country-- the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is funded by some of the richest people in the entire world, including George Soros. And for over 6 years, and now increasingly, the Democratic Party, in conjunction with the rich news paper elites, have been stepping up attacks on George W. Bush, Republicans, and conservatives. Why? Because they are seeing some parts of their decades of political control in Washington erode away. And they will do anything to stop an erosion of their power and their control.

I don't need to support a political party or anything. For me, this isn't about trying to convince people to vote Republican or something. All I can say, is that I think there needs to be balanced debate in this country. If the country is swinging toward Republicans it needs to be reported about and not covered up and squashed. Every few decades change is needed. It is healthy.

Contrary to all media reporting, it is the Democrats that still hold sway over Washington, DC with threats and media manipulation of public opinion. Just barely the Republicans have enough votes in Washington DC to do anything. For decades prior to this slim Republican advantage, Democrats had jaw dropping majorities in the House and Senate. The Democratic Party is the old school, institutionalized party in Washington, DC.

It can change. 2006 elections. Maybe, the 2006 election will serve as a drive through wake up call that the American public rejects the old school power of the Northeast liberal elite politicians and media affiliates.

Terrorism is a real threat.