Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Appreciation for Condelezza Rice and other optimistic leaders



Monday, April 17, 2006

Liberal Power

There is nothing more intriguing than recognizing the irony of the whole 'truth to power' argument. You have liberal reporters who run the largest most powerful media outlets (newspapers, tv news, magazines, and more) and who run the largest most powerful awards such as Pultizer. These outlets set all the agendas and influence the minds of all people in the U.S. and throughout the world. That's P-O-W-E-R with a capital everything. In Hollywood, the producers, the directors, the actors, the financers, the award shows-- all of it a major liberal/Democratic bastion of P-O-W-E-R. The world's largest, biggest money, most influential education institutions-- Harvard, and the professors roaming the halls of all Ivy League and major universities-- all liberal/Democrats with enormous P-O-W-E-R over the minds of students. They educate every high-aspiring student in this country, and they have been influencing the world via all of their research reports and big money research contracts which help to confirm the world created above.

(this could go on, but I have to move onto the point here)

This array of power is daunting to me sometimes. At times I just wonder how it could ever be broken. Nearly all of the news that people read, watch, and hear.... nearly all of the tv shows and movies that people watch.... nearly all of the professors educating students... all of it is slanted to conform to a liberal agenda which believes that only they know what is best for the rest of the sheeple in the world. Only these P-O-W-E-R-ful liberal elites know the answers for how everyone should live today and how they certainly will live in the future once the sheeple's brains evolve to figure out the 'complexities' of life.

It's daunting and sometimes it really scares me. Who can open this powerful grip? Because with all of these outlets of power likely come allegiances and fear. However, eventually I think that things end up surprising people. Currently, there is an underlying feeling of the broad public (and especially immigrants and working class, etc) that change, real positive change is needed. The people want change. The liberal elites want power. And currently the Democrats are strangling the world with the message--- that they need the power for the people to get their change.

What gives me assurance is that in the short-run this strategy of despising others and showing hatred to others in order to prove how much you like someone else-- well, it works, in the short run. However, longer term, I personally believe that the preaching hatred will be the 'value' that comes through and sticks in people's heads.

There is an elite powerful machine that is a hangover of decades of control in Washington and the entire country. They can't stand the fact that some day all of the media outlets and all of the universities and all of Hollywood and all of Washington DC won't be their bastions of power. Politics has been the first to show a sign or two of slipping from their grasp. And they don't like it. And they are using their powerful outlets to throw everything they can against this change. The voices of despair are all so loud and they are all around all of us.

In the short run its sticking and people are believing the loud messenger. In the long run the story prevails. Change is occuring. And change WILL occur. And the change is that innovative solutions and a positive feeling about life, your neighbors, and the world, will prevail. It's not even really whether Republicans are the ones that take the reigns or have the reigns in the future. The point is that it won't be the people that are screaming the loudest saying give us your votes-- give us the power-- we need it now.

For me, personally, I can sum up the change as-- I don't want liberals and Democrats telling me what's good for me or good for the world. I am sick of them insisting if its not their way then everything is bad. I am sick of hearing how they can't trust anyone but themselves with the power of control in public office--- and in their own big businesses.

The change needs to occur. And eventually, I hope that we all start to recognize what really needs to change. I will just leave it at that.