Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Silent Majority

This election is a test of the silent majority.

I know I am certainly very silent. Living in Northern Virginia (a virtual mecca of liberals-- dominating all school boards, county boards, etc). and working in Washington, DC (which despite the media portrayal that Republicans own Washington) I know what being silent is all about. The trade associations, the government agencies, the advocacy groups, and on and on, they are all Democrats. Any party I go to or event of any kind is filled with Democrats-- and of course they are always able to be vocal. You can say your a liberal Democrat and it won't hurt you one bit for any job in Washington, DC. But, say your a conservative and the whole office will question you and people will wonder whether you read the papers and watch CNN and understand the world, etc, etc.

This election is a test of whether Republicans just had an accidental moment in power before being run over-- again-- by the Democratic MACHINE. For decades this town was dominated by Democrats-- and once again they are on the verge of taking back control of THEIR city.

Unless the silent majority speaks up at the polls. I will be speaking up with my 1 vote.


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