Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry Fiasco

One of the disturbing aspects of Kerry's statement, was the press coverage.
In all cases of Republicans speaking tongue-tied the media is quick to presume the worst and jump down throats.
But of course, in Democrat's case, they immediately seek the Democratic talking points and/or bury the story.
Here was an opportunity for the media to call a spade a spade-- Kerry's comments were his own words and they were out of bounds.
The media was all balanced in the coverage-- especially making sure everyone understood the words "botched joke".
Today, walking along K Street in Washington, I overheard 3 guys (45-50 years old, suits) talking about how Kerry just botched a joke and it was taken out of context, etc.
Reciting Kerry's initial position of digging in. Reciting the message told to them on CNN, etc.
Today, many major Dem candidates come out and ask for apologies. Kerry himself apologizes.
But could the media call a spade a spade for a day. Nope, the party faithful ran around acting as if Kerry's own words were part of some Republican hack.
My biggest concern is unchecked Democrats.

This is the reason I now vote only for non-Democrats.
There is no accountability. The major media outlets (CNN, Newsweek, Time, all the nightly news shows, Wash Post, NY Times, NPR) swipe any negative Dem news under the rug. They cover all Democrats with halos: Webb, Ford, Obama, etc.
That's why I am voting straight ticket Republican this election (as I did in 2005 and 2004). At least I know that whatever they do-- it will be (heavily) scrutinized.


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