Friday, September 08, 2006

Free Speech?

Its free speech for Dems to constantly attack President Bush and all Republicans with every kind of conspiracy imaginable and always using terms such as 'evil Republicans' etc. But its "right wing propaganda" if you say anything that could even remotely possibly be construed as maybe something that a Democrat did wrong. Senate Democrats to the world: 'How dare you suggest that we have done anything wrong. You will pay a price for the mere intent of such a suggestion'.

In all the days I have watched President Bush wondering when he would throw such a tirade, and just call things as they are-- unfair. But he never has. And that's just an emotional wish of mine. But it is not the high road. Now, from my vantage, Bush, though painful for him and supporters, has taken the higher road. Never lashing out with demands like this.

These Senate Democrats have done just that-- thrown a public outraged tirade. President Bush has been personally and professionally attacked since before he even came into the White House. Everything he does is constantly derided. In many situations it is clear with the media President Bush is damned with anything he does (even before the event)-- and no matter if he does or doesn't. But he has accepted opinions and analysis that differ with his.

Every nightly news broadcast for decades has been vetted to ensure bias for Democrats. That will change-- eventually-- only because change is inevitable. Dems clearly can't stand that they may not always have a lock on ensuring every message on TV has been screened and vetted for their seal of approval. And this letter is a childish tirade relecting, perhaps, their concerns that their lose of power in Washington, maybe, could become permanent.



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