Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm doing my best to come to grip with the fact that elections are way too important to liberals, educators, and the media establishment. The Washington Post will stop at no length over the next few months to win an election for one political party-- the Democrats. And same with the New York Times, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, CNN, Time, Newsweek, and on.

Maybe somehow, miracle-of-miracles, the Republicans will once again win a major election this November. I certainly am cheering for it, hoping for it, for the good of this country to have a new party push through the fears of the entrenched establishment (60 years of iron grip on the House in Washington D.C-- 50 to 180 vote advantages-- prior to the Republicans sticking their head up with a 10-20 vote advantage for a few years here).

But readers of these papers will be left wondering what happended. Once again, liberals and the establishment Democratic readership will be wondering, how could this happen? The Post, Times, and all our nightly news outlets have told us for months that Republicans were on the way down, that all Republicans are evil.

Because they want to paint a story before its written. Would they spend even a small, small, small, small, small fraction of the time covering the hatred toward Michael Steele, Rick Santorum, and others. Rather, they play the same old tired story to your readers. Republicans are evil.

I need to stop thinking they will ever change. Sometimes the establishment (both Party and media) needs to change.


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