Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Republican Party

One of the things I have grown to respect about the Republican Party is that it is a band of disparate interests and parts. And, the Party permits very public debate among even the biggest heads of the party. The Republican Party is not a top down hierarchy.
Now, because it has, say, 3 or 4 major 'spokes' none of the 'spokes' gets everything they want. It's not an "all-or-none" party. It's an incremental party. It's a win-win party. You get a little, I get a little.
And this leads to the point of this particular post.
Michelle Malkin (and her new outfit, Hot Air) is a trailblazing news analyst/columnist/commentator. She gets really fired up about one issue in particular-- immigration. Illegal immigration. She gets so wrapped up that she forgets the best thing about the Republican Party-- it delivers a little something for you on your issues.
I don't get everything I want out of the Republican Party. But most of the spokes are heading in my direction. The spokes by the way are: lower taxes/smaller government; conservative values; constitutional principles and judges; pro-military; immigration reform.
All of these issues can move forward a little because they pull together a generally unified band of people. It is difficult to get full tilt support for your particular plank. But you can't blame the world just because you get part of your issue and not the whole enchilada.
George W. Bush hit it out of the ballpark with his speech on immigration reform. It is a difficult issue. It is up there with one of the most difficult issues ever faced by a president. As someone pointed out to me the other day-- immigration reform affects 11 million people. There are a lot of issues wrapped up in immigration reform. For example, it needs to stem from a bottom line recognition of the rule of law and the fact these immigrants illegally entered the country. But breaking the law (in any manner) results in a penalty. That penalty is being determined. And it is only a penalty. Illegally entering the country does not mean a death sentence. It deserves more than a slap on the wrist. But, anyways, its being figured out.
And George W. Bush delivered a great, balanced speech. He even mentioned the term 'middle ground' which I remember thinking before the speech. There's got to be a middle ground that Bush can just call it like it is.
He totally did that. Bush is great under pressure. That is one thing we all know. And this was a pressure issue-- with illegal immigrants demanding full rights and Michelle Malkin bashing away at him to send all the immigrants back home immediately. Through all that pressure-- Bush delivered.
And it is a great reminder for me of my continued optimism for this country. And it is a reminder of why I support the Republican Party. There is robust debate within the party. And, there is clearly a leveling force that ensures no spoke gets too far ahead of itself. America is changing for the better every day. And its the health of debate within the Republican Party-- and the principles behind each stoke of the debate that are the building block for America's future.


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