Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Priceless Quote

Ann Coulter:

"Today's college liberals ape the beliefs of 99 percent of their professors and then pretend they're on-the-edge radicals."

For 8 years, liberals have been driven to hysterics over President Bush. It is totally mainstreamed. Its all over magazine covers. It's in major movie releases. It's in the newspapers. Its in all of the major college campuses that crank out business leaders, politicians, and government bureaucrats. Its on every nightly news report. And yet somehow they still think their on the edge. I can remember, myself, giving it a go. Trying to buy into the whole anti-Bush thing. I really tried. But in the end, for me, I couldn't understand a) people can read headlines over and over again and just believe them at face value only because they reinforce your view regardless of what is happening and b) why people would cheer for bad news in order to prove your right.

It has never been about principle for a liberal. You will see steadfast stands by Republicans of different shades advocating their PRINCIPLES regardless of what it means for the party. A liberal activist is party first, and determines their principles based on what will help the party. Bad news from a hurricane? Spin it for party advantage. More bad news? Well, good, that helps the party. Bad news in Iraq? Great, spin it for the party. More bad news? Good.

The world is fighting through this fog-- this constant in-your-face barrage of bad news and bad hopes only aimed at gaining power.

Meanwhile, other people are standing for principles and hoping for the best.


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