Monday, May 15, 2006


As I was hoping and thinking, I believe Bush hit it out of the park tonight.
Illegal immigration is a tough issue. There are a lot of opposing views to take into account. Clearly, U.S. laws must be upheld. And we really need to be a country with a common language of all citizens. This isn't an anti-Spanish position. I took Spanish in school. It's just a sensible position. What about people of other countries and other languages? That's why you have to have one common language. It could be anything-- it happens to be english.
Now, on the other hand, with the hard work of immigrants and their legitimate desires at a better life, there needs to be a way to blend the two competing forces together. We have had poor enforcement of borders and immigration issues which has created this situation. And, by some form of penalty, you can move forward. You can't just say, fine, here's the keys to all the cars the next morning. There has to be a penalty.
Getting all of the illegal immigrants that are here, documented and above board makes many things possible. It increases the amount of people paying taxes. This both reduces the burden on government, and it also makes it possible for perhaps more, and certainly sustainable, tax cuts. Documentation also increases national security. And documentation establishes a baseline.
President George W. Bush can pull all of these forces together and really move this country optimistically forward. Certainly the 25% of liberal lunatics that hate everything Bush ever says will never be able to agree with anything so sensible. And there will be those on the other side, such as Michelle Malkin, who go off the deep end as well.
But, when the going gets tough, Bush rises to the occasion. And this is a tough one. Perhaps the toughest issue out there. Really. And from what I can tell by just reading a few bits of the speech-- Bush did it. He rose to the occasion. He called some spades, spades. And he carved out a way forward. Tough. Realistic. Compassionate.
Classic George W. Bush under pressure.


Blogger Charlie said...

I thought his speech was excellent. He articulately laid out arguments for both security and dealing with those immigrants already here. It seemed like his points very closely matched the Hagel-Martinez compromise bill now in the Senate.

May 15, 2006 at 9:24 PM  

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