Friday, May 19, 2006

Activists don't get it

Liberal activists live or die by their support of the Democratic Party-- and not by any principle. Winning elections is really the only thing important to a liberal activist. And when an election is won they go to sleep to rise up later if there is an election that matters. Clinton is a case in point. Clinton is a Democrat. Therefore, a roaring unbalanced economy that favored rich stock moguls was a good thing to a liberal activist. Veto Kyoto. That's ok. It was a Democrat.

And the current case in point is the New Orleans election. Rather than break out of a shell of Democratic institutionalized control of that city, somehow the Democrats maintain an iron grip of control by blaming outsiders for their own internal problems. The only race that matters is the race between two Democrats in a primary for mayor. Who are the candidates? The first option is the guy who was running the city before and during what Democrats characterize as a horribly managed hurricane preparation and response. Except, instead of blaming themselves-- even for one thing-- the blame goes to other Federal officials. Therefore, the first option is to keep the status quo. The second option is a family name that has controlled Louisiana politics for decades. In fact, 30 some years ago the contenders father was mayor of New Orleans. Another family member is the state senator.

The activist, of course, ardently supports either of these candidates. So, its status quo and entrenched power that liberal activists support. Change will indeed come some day to New Orleans and Louisiana and this country. But it won't be led by liberal activists leading a dominant establishment party. You need to look the other way. That doesn't necessarily mean Republicans, but the easy way for a liberal activist is to piggy-back off the money and funding of the Democratic establishment to support the Democratic Party. And change ain't going to happen the easy way.



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