Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2006 Election Analysis

Here is a broad observation. It is clear the MSM is pulling out all the stops so far this year. Every poll they can find that paints their story-- they publish it. They poll 8,000 different ways and publish the poll with the nuanced words that get the result to fit their headline. "Republicans Doomed" "Public Losing Confidence in Republicans" "Bush Poll Numbers at new all-time low", Republicans can't do this. Republicans can't do that. Americans dont' trust conservatives. On and on. Especially where I live-- inside the Beltway in Washington, DC it is everywhere. A total onset for shaping public opinion. Turn on NPR there is more of it there.

Yet, through it all, it's really not much different than 2004 and 2002 and 2000. They throw everything they can at Republicans. They throw everything they can at Bush. And yet Republicans pull through in the actual election.

The reality is that people are smarter than know-it-all journalists and editors give them credit for. All of these stories have a common theme. It is some liberal, ivory tower elitist trying to (not so) subtly tell neandrathals (like me) who to vote for. Basically, they are saying 'the world is doomed unless they get power' and people like me just aren't yet knowledgeable enough to understand why. People may disagree with Bush, or the general direction of things, but at the end of the day-- voters seem to be thinking, like me, that better a disconnected Republican Party with no clear hierarchy than a top-down, never-do-nothing-wrong, elitist opposition party. The Republican Party is more of grass roots, bottom up effort. There are dissenting views and tough dialogue in the Republican party. The people complain to their republican representatives about their viewpoints and the Republicans adjust. This is quite contrary to the top-down drum-beating of the newspapers and ac tivist groups that are determined to tell everyone how they should vote, how they should view the world, and who we all must vote for.

It would be one of the most amazing upsets in the world for the Republicans to win this November against all odds and every effort. I for one, am rooting for a Republican upset victory this November to prove, to me, that the little guy runs politics in the U.S.


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