Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have the highest respect for people of all kinds from all places. It is truly a pleasure meeting new people with new stories. Even "illegal" (in quotations only because the law is never enforced) immigrants should be totally forgiven. Life just happened them to the place where they are now. The only problem is the acrimony... the Democratic Party postering. Democrats saying anything to rile up people based on race-type baiting with the underlying motive being more votes. By trying to paint Republicans as a party of hatred, really the only hatred being preached is by Democrats toward Republicans in their efforts to talk illegal immigrants into supporting Democrats.
Immigration is a complex issue. Despite the polling numbers showing such horrible approval ratings for Congress we dare say this: we trust that Congress will talk through all of the complexities and emerge with a balanced (certainly not perfect) bill. The ultimate bill will likely not really please anyone. However, it will be pretty much right down the middle, sensibly dealing with the issue.
Life goes on with sensible reform of laws that don't quite work right. And, Republicans-- people like me-- aren't holding back immigrants or anything evil that Democrats like to preach. Sensible legislation is the result of informed debate from all sides of the equation. It is forgivable to have run across a border for a better life. Just as it should be recognized that some people are quite upset (and these days-- downright really worried) about open borders. At the end of the day-- most any 2 people left to just hang out for a weekend will get along. So the acrimony shouted from microphones from political activists and groups that try to paint any person (such as Republicans) as being evil is truly childish. You can't prove tolerance of others. And you certainly can't prove tolerance of others by hatred toward Republicans.


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