Monday, March 13, 2006

Turning the corner though

Turning the corner though vigilence still needed.

It is beginning to get recognized by more and more people that the major news outlets of this country are deliberately biased. All of the anti-Bush stories are just part of this desire to convince everyone that their worldview is the correct worldview.

And to this end they create true, though incredibly deceptive stories. The tip-offs I have mentioned before are vague terminoly such as 'many now believe', 'many analysts are saying', etc.

And as these methods get fully discovered they dig into new areas of deception, such as the straw man argument.

You can find one person out there to fit just about any story you want to tell. And so this is what the major media outlets are resorting to now. Brokeback Mountain is one example. How to change the mindset of 'cowboys'? Tell a story about two gay cowboys. It's a true story. But the goal is to act as if its widespread. The goal is to have the story 'hit home' with red state america and convert people to the religion of the democratic party.

You can spot these stories out there. They take the stereotypical voter for the Republican Party and then they find someone that fits that mold who is questioning the party and then they write a front page story with the pretense that a trend has started.

Anyways.. you'll see it now that your looking for it. Just stay vigilent. It's giving way slowly. Decades of news dominance by Brokaw, Rather, and liberals up and down all the newsrooms and newsdesks. It's slowly giving way as we speak.


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