Sunday, February 26, 2006

You can set your watch to it

One of the funniest things about Democrats and media coverage of the Dubai Ports deal is how quickly the last jump-down-the-President's-throat issue just slides right off the radar.
Life was about to end just a month ago because the President was "spying on Americans". And before that it was something else-- the Supreme Court nominee, Rove, Delay, and on and on. Oh, and Abramoff.
For about 2 or 3 weeks the Democrats attention is focused on the President's and the Republicans and driving them into the ground for something. And as soon as that loses legs-- up pops another issue. And they begin firing again.
You can set your watch to it. Remember the bad economy? On and on the pessimistic rants went.
That's when I started looking around. That's when I stopped voting for Democrats. The economy didn't treat me all that well in 2003, but at the same time, I listened to the Democrats gloom-and-doom, and it didn't resonate. In fact, the opposite. I listened. I had reasons to believe it. But, a month later, two months later, I would reflect back on what I heard, and it was proved wrong. Time and time again. Pessimistic rants. Gloom and doom. And yet never was reality anywhere near the pessimism.
I listen to everyone. I am open to all ideas across the spectrum of ideas. However, politically, I no longer vote for Democrats. And I am glad to support the Republican party.


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