Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good news in Iraq

From the very first moment when thinking about what would happen in Iraq, I thought about the people that would be carrying out the mission. And I knew who they were. Just regular people from around this country aiming to fulfill an important mission. Good people focused on getting the job done. There is no one else, but U.S. soldiers that have the objectivity, skills, abilities, desire, sensibility, and good sense to carry out these types of missions. Since day one, at times it has been rough and truly a war. Taking out Saddam. Finding Saddam. Battling insurgents. And, at other times, it has been about building new schools, new hospitals, and new roads. It has been about free elections. And behind it all is the passionate, hard work of good people. Real people. Real people over there helping others and focused solely on putting the bad past behind Iraq. There is a bright future ahead.

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