Monday, February 20, 2006

Economic and Environment Naysayers

Behind the scenes scientists, researchers, and entreprenuers are furiously working to create the efficient technology breakthroughs of our future. Who gets all the headlines? The naysayers and the doubters. The scientists working around the clock on tomorrow's great new technologies won't be out on hilltops shouting look what were going to create. But they will create it. Meanwhile, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and their armies of liberal activities and pocket-stuffed northeastern donors are all shouting about all the problems with this and that. Proposals don't go far enough. Solutions won't come fast enough. They can talk about doubt and fears better than anyone on the planet. They can talk. And they can talk. And they can talk. But they won't be bringing about any change. Change is happening in the laboratories. Indeed, change is happening in America's biggest board rooms, and because of some of the greediest venture capitalists. That's how real change happens. People work. And people risk. And that's what makes it happen. And when it comes to clean energy and a cleaner future-- it's coming. And its happening. You just need to look the other way to find it. Turn away from the naysaying talkers and please hope and believe in those that are making it happen.


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