Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Republican or Democrat

At least in Washington DC I am thinking about a new strategy for explaining my politics. There are so many holdout Dems in DC that many parties and get togethers are just stuffed with 'em. Anyways, they usually have this snicker about them. Like, you can't just talk about being Republican at a party. More often you just sit back and list to all the same old media one-liners about Bush and Republicans and watch as they all nod and wink-- having just established that they are intellectuals who actually get it. Its kind of funny to watch. Its this 'wink-wink' language that they use. And it really is funny to watch them say very, very, very clearly what they think is some clever form of beating around the Bush. Anyways, needless to say, mentioning that your a Republican drops jaws. Records stop playing, etc. And its hard to make much ground with counter arguments, etc.

So, I'm thinking a better strategy to get points across is to introduce my politics by explaining that I am opposed to the Democratic Party. I think this will increase interest in them learning more about how my politics actually evolved. I have never understood why no Dem has ever called out all of this pessimistic bantering about Iraq and the economy. But, I think even more importantly, I think what cuts to the heart of the matter is the down right anti-American sentiments in the Party. That stuff should have been called out from day one. Anti-American libs are still going to vote Dem because its in their blood, so just call out the language as gracefully as possible, but right away. Period. No Dems have never done this. So, that has been a no-brainer for me. As a former centrist, Dem-GOP split voter, I will not vote for Dems again. I am not going to be associated with any form of anti-Americanism.

Anyways that's a start.

President Approval Ratings

Think about the people that wake up and cheer a new poll that shows low approval for Iraq and the President because it means its better for their party. Or car bombs in Iraq that "prove their point". It is incredible behavior-- enough said.


When you think about the vast amount of control that 10 liberals can have on this country just by managing public opinion in this country through major news shows like Today and the Nightly News and NPR radio it is incredibly frightening, totally un-American, and detrimental for this country. Forget about the Microsoft monopoly-- the media monopoly (of liberal employees) has far worse implications.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well, after denying economic growth for so long, the liberal media elites have jumped right to the storyline of a housing bubble. It seems that the economy is now growing too quickly.