Friday, June 24, 2005

Look the other way

Its not because of protestors and dire pessimistic rhethoric that the world will increasingly only become a better and better place. It is, in part, because people, generally (and certainly in MANY specific cases), don't expect it to.

There may be a few stand out events in the next 10 years that clearly show this positive change. But generally it will be marginal. And you will have to look the other way to find it. That is the key point. The people making this positive change happen aren't even necessarily trying to make it happen. Or, really, their not looking for attention out of it.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

"The reason we're allocating dollars to this sector is we think we can deliver attractive returns," said Ehrenpreis, who also serves as co-chairman of the advisory board of the Cleantech Venture Network. "It's not because we want to do great things for the environment or great things for the world," though he adds that that is a "great byproduct."

Technological advances and the general march of progress are at work in ever increasing ways. Todays 'pitfalls' lead to tomorrow's advances, just as today's advances have come from prior less sophisticated things.

Optimism springs eternal among those who just believe in it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


It is a common theme among anti-American lefties to claim that the U.S. props up dictators, etc. So, you might think that if a U.S. president (and Secretary of State) came along and started talking tough with such dictators and disposing of them, well, you might think they would take notice and be very happy and pleased.

You'll have to look where you don't expect it to find real, lasting, positive change.

Monday, June 20, 2005


One week its Condi Rice and her nomination. The next week its judges. The next week its John Bolton. And next week it will be someone else. No matter who gets appointed it just doesn't matter. They don't even get a vote. There is an onslaught of hatred spewed and end of the world rhetoric. And, Dems keep pandering to their base and rolling in fresh cash by pitching this hysteria to their always worked up fanatics-- which include gazillionaires like George Soros.
By 54-38 the Senate wants to move ahead to a vote on Bolton, demonstrating that clearly he has enough support to pass if just given a vote, but instead Democrats continue to enforce this 60-vote requirement through the cloture vote. I think in the end the cloture and filibuster are going to have to go away. Senate tradition makes little sense. To most people it seems common sense that majority rules. Or, if it takes 60 for Bolton it should take 60 for everything. Its one or the other in my opinion, but not this selective posturing.
Said this before, but bears repeating. It is funny to watch these 'progressive' lefties rallying to support the biggest entrenched political institution on the planet. The money that filters into the Senate for the Dems and liberals is big, big money. And, progressive lefties don't seem to get that they are fighting (not against big money and big political power) but FOR big political money and big political power. What's going on in America and in Washington is the erosion of support for what has long been the biggest political institution. And those who think they are fighting for the little guy are actually supporting very big entrenched lobbying interests and institutional, establishment Democrats who are too afraid to step away from the nonsense seeping through the party that once controlled all of Washington (and which still dominates the halls of all the bureaucracies) by dizzying margins.
Big, positive, sweeping change is occuring in the world. But, you have to look the other way to find it. Those changing the world don't know they are doing it and they aren't even trying to. It's just happening. But again, its not how people would have thought and its not those who are getting all the attention. Its not the banner waving, protest flag waving, rhetoric chanting progressives. You have to look the other way. And don't expect many news stories about it. Because its just too real. Its too simple. Its not 'progressive'-- just positive. Its quiet, and I can't really make out how its happening. I just know that quietly its happening.