Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Some Republicans

I keep reading these AP/Reuters articles about "some Republicans" are worried about President Bush etc etc.

It is a real nice continued attempt at creating a rift. It would be of course treasonous for these journalists to write about a possible breakup among Democrats (like when is some Dem going to finally call out Howard Dean).

So, they write about "some Republicans". Anyways, the point here is that these journalists don't understand there ARE actually people out there-- well, actually lots of them-- myself included-- that are George W. Bush Republicans. I was on the fence and voted that way for years. I voted for Dems, Repubs, Green, whatever, even as recently as Nov 2003 elections. Now, I am 100% Republican. 1) Howard Dean totally turned me off of Democrats. 2) On issue after issue I respect, trust, and align with George W. Bush. I think he takes bold positions and pursues them prudently. Republicans will do well to ride the Wave. I certainly expect the wave to move up and down over the next few years, but in the end, it is my opinion that W will be well respected for the job he did with this country. I support President George W. Bush and vote for Republicans that he recommends and who stand for the issues he emphasizes.

Journalists, Brokaw, Wa.Post, NY Times, Newsweek, etc can't remotely fathom that there are people out there like me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Energy Bill

What is the deal? If Republicans are so powerful and running all of Washington like facists than you might think an energy bill would have passed sometime in the last 5 years. Instead, no legislation and lots of whimpy talk.

Let's get an energy bill with some teeth. Oil is a wonderful thing. Is the environmental establishment that large in Washington that nothing can get done to create energy and increase the supply of oil?

Becoming more and more of an out right anti environmentalist every day. You have Sierra Club lobbyists flying and driving around the country--- with laptops, cell phones, palm pilots, etc-- talking about reducing the supply of fuel and energy. And they call all the shots in Washington. ANWR-- that's been an issue for 5 years now. Nothing. For all the election victories and so-called Republican dominance in Washington, there isn't drilling in 2,000 of 18 gazillion acres in one tiny portion of Alaska.

Either there need to be more Republicans in Washington, more agressiveness and cohesiveness among Republicans in Washington, or a marginalizing of the myth of thinking everyone in this country is an environmentalist at heart. Related to the last point, its time for some citizens (perhaps myself) to not give an inch and literally argue anti-environmentalism. Oil is good. And it is about time some politicians in Washington realize that there are real people out there that don't mind outright and hard-edged pro-energy, pro-oil legislation.