Friday, May 27, 2005


I support Bolton's nomination. I don't think its that big of a deal.

I do, however, think its a very big deal that the filibuster (60-vote) continues to be used improperly. Just vote on the nominees.

It would be one thing if Dems chose their battles. But they tried holding up Condi Rice forever. They threw the book at her. Every person that comes up is the next new fundraiser.

The reason I am no longer voting for Democrats is, well simply, it's just not cool anymore. Going to a party and getting worked up and trying to prove how much more hatred you have then the next person for Republicans just isn't cool anymore. It's old. It's boring. But yet no Dem has the courage to step up and stick their neck out-- except Zell Miller. And, he just up and bailed. Waiting, and waiting, for the next one or two. Whether it is next month or just before 2006 elections, its coming. No part of the Republican Party gets 100% of what they want. The small govs check the conservatives who check military and big business, or vice versa or whatever. But in general they all work together to pass enough for each part, for the good of the Party, and for the good of the country.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Filibuster Deal and John McCain

Where in the Constitution does it talk about quid pro quo?

Where in the Constitution does it talk about memorandums of understanding?

Where in the Constitution does it even talk about filibusters?

McCain has blindly chosen the myth of Senate tradition over the Constitution. Clearly, he has been in the Senate far too long.

Where I believe McCain got tripped up here is the deep held feeling he has. McCain believes that anything Republicans really like must be bad and he let those feelings totally blind him here.

On principal, I cannot support anything John McCain stands for. Crafting a quid pro quo memorandum of understanding with a super small minority (to decide an issue--- 14 out of 100 senators deciding the issue) is perhaps the lowmark of integrity and intellect. He is afraid to vote on tough issues and stepped all over the Constitution in order to please his own fear.