Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Media

Growing up, I didn't even think anything about agendas in the media. I watched Tom Brokaw and never thought twice about it. And looking at all news I would hear a story; read a story; and I never thought twice about it.

Now, I am slowing finding out the realities. All along, Tom Brokaw has been more of a Democrat then he ever has been an American. And same for Dan Rather. And then even major news outlets like Newsweek-- just totally trying to feed one view of the world.
After going to a graduate program at a liberal school I learned a few things.

They teach "framing" debates. This is a way of saying 'manipulating the reader/viewer' by carefully choosing the words of how you say something.
I will leave it there. When you hear things and read things-- from NBC News, Newsweek, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, etc-- Don't be surprised that eventually you will find out that there is much more to the story. And actually, the opposite even is really what is happening. They can fool people for a while. But eventually we catch on.


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