Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An all-time high?

We are currently experiencing another major high in liberal dominance. It is hard to convey how hostile Washington, DC still is to conservatives. It is easier to see the liberal dominance of mass media. However, this is still not clearly evident to the majority of the U.S. population. Every word is carefully crafted to steer opinion and has been for decades with Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather as the figureheads of this dominance. The bureaucracies in Washington are (understatement coming) overwhelmingly dominated by liberals and Democrats. I know from personal experience around here that you can be openly extremist liberal and be treated with red carpet as clearly 'enlightened' and an 'intellectual' if only maybe a little more animated than most. Meanwhile, the mere utterance of a conservative word, let alone identifying yourself as a conservative, who actually votes for Republicans, will stop the music at the party and kick you out of the door of your meeting.

Currently, we are experiencing another intermediate (if not all-time) high in the momentum of this liberal machine. For decades, Democrats dominated Congress. Only in the last 10 years have Republicans inched ahead in the Senate. For decades, Brokaw, Rather, and liberal Democrats have dominated the media.

Anyways, my fingers are tired of typing. The point is that from Kayne West to the Rolling Stones to Green Day to CNN to the New Orleans mayor and on and on, the hatred they are spewing is just an expression of the frustration at the major, elitist Democratic machine that they are losing power that they have treated as a birthright. And therein lies a major irony.




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