Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The new code word is - MANY

The liberal mainstream media has a new favorite code word, and it is - many.

Many condemn GOP statements. Many critical of new GOP legislation.

What an excellent choice in codified agenda setting. I can tell you from experience that they teach this in liberal journalism schools on the east coast. They teach the art of how to deceive without technically deceiving. They teach the art of how to manipulate words and statistics. They teach all the methods to find language that can set agendas, and 'frame' discussion and events. It is very vogue for them to discuss like this 'well, wait, how can we frame this to get our preferred message and points across.

So they use the word 'many'. This way they don't have to say 'liberals' or 'democrats' and they get the double bang of implying that just about the whole population is against whatever they are talking about.

When you see the word 'many' in the headline or article-- just know its all about manipulating how you will view the issue. And know that it is a calculated and deliberate attempt to manipulate opinion. They don't choose their wording lightly. They know exactly how to tailor it to get their desired results.

The liberal mainstream media monopoly continues.... When will the bubble burst? It could be another year or so which means some spectacular liberal media myths might still be on the way. But eventually it will crack. This whole incestuous liberal media machine-- from NPR to the Globe to the Tribune to Google News to the Nightly News to Newsweek... this whole manipulation monopoly will pass.


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