Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Washington DC

Washington, DC can be an evil place. It is days like today that really shed light on what depths people will sink to for political advantage.

After all the Ashcroft screams of bloody murder. After all the claims about John Bolton. After all the attacks on Tom Delay, on Condi Rice, on Clarence Thomas, Janice Brown, Trent Lott, Priscilla Owens, Miguel Estrada... Now Rove.

It is truly sad all of the hatred the Democratic Party will spew. There are not this many evil people out there. To go on and on about every single one being the next devil incarnate is difficult to find words for. Many of these are surely very nice people. There is usually a bad apple around somewhere, but in my life experience the vast majority of people I run into are pretty honest, good hearted, etc. And the odds that even a 1/4 of the people listed above are really bad people is wrong.

This is what the Democratic Party has become.

Washington DC will not always be the place it has sunk to today. A new spirit is brewing in this town. And it doesn't come from where the media, or most people would expect it. President Bush has always been an outsider of the DC politics game. And it is a good thing he is in Washington.



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