Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Supreme Court

With my independent cap on, I just will not really be able to understand if Dems and Libs throw a big fuss no matter who Bush nominates. I don't care how conservative. If O'Conner had been appointed by Clinton or a Dem that would be one thing. There could be a tilt involved. But the truth of the matter is that this is a Reagan appointee. I suppose the last gasp argument by the dems will be the most ironic-- someone will be quoted longing for the days when Reagan was President.

Moreover, when the facts come out, the majority of the court-- no matter how conservative the replacement is-- (per my understanding) will still be voting the other way.

As for conservatives, I would step back and take whatever comes with a prayer and a positive eye to the future.

The country is becoming more conservative-- or maybe more appropriately, more Republican. While Dems/Libs portray Republicans as monolithic the fact is that it is a growing, majority party of give-and-take. Republicans essentially keep themselves in check. Many favorable developments lie ahead, but just now ALWAYS the way you want them to.

My opinon.


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