Friday, July 15, 2005

Rove, etc

Sometimes I am distraught, other times I realize maybe all I should do is laugh about it.

It is funny to think that the same people holding up signs and marching in protest about Karl Rove are the same ones that were outside a Hilton last month holding up signs about Tom Delay. What happened to the Tom Delay outrage? What happened to all the front page stories?

And those same protestors are out when its Bolton, Ashcroft, Owen, Brown, Estrada, Gitmo, Abu G, etc. It is funny to think how short the attention span is. As if they almost forget that they are protesting different people and things each time.

They just kind of show up at the activist office and pick up the latest signage. Who/what are we protesting today? Ok, thanks for the sign. See you next week.


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