Thursday, July 21, 2005

Natalee Holloway

I love the new one. Yep, Bush announced Roberts right at this time just to take heat off Rove story. But, wait, the Rove story took heat off Bolton. And, wait, the Bolton story took the heat off Delay. And the Delay story took the heat off the nuclear option. And the nuclear option took the heat off Priscilla Owens. And the Owens story took the heat off Gitmo. And the Gitmo story took the heat off Abu Gharib. Somebody tell the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, NPR, etc to stop the nonsense of ignoring all of these stories. Double the size of your front pages. Expand your news coverage. But don't let all of this off the hook. This is unbelievable how Bush is able to turn the story to a new focus. What about Ashcroft?
Snap out of it you crazy yahoos. Wake the fuck up.
The Natalee Holloway story is not some stage craft of Fox News. Its a general human interest story for lots of people. Every news story does not have to begin with Conspiracy and end with Bush. There are other stories. And Fox decided to cover one. Its more intriguing than most stories because it has a lot of side story lines (like a good fucking movie). There's the Aruba factor. Which means vacation. There's the fact that Aruba has a different rule of law. Its a story for Americans that travel abroad to think about these types of issues. It had a lot of drama. Its an interesting fucking story.
Not everything is a fucking conspiracy. Get a grip.
It will be an amazing time when the lead news story is not a manufactured Bush conspiracy story. You liberal whacko's have a new drop dead story every week. You have the attention span of an 8-year old at a toy story.


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