Tuesday, July 05, 2005

George Washington


Even more de-based from reality is that Williams is also saying that today's terrorists are actually the beginnings of something good. And this clearly indicates the depth to which Williams believes that if one must choose between the U.S. and terrorists, he clearly believes, wholeheartedly that the terrorists are revolutionaries that are really on to something.

Even more strange is the idea of a major network news man making presumptions about what people said in England in the 18th century without consulting a history book or basing such an idea on historical documents. 'Rather', Williams just out of the sky makes a huge leaping claim that England probably had these types of thoughts.

As previous bloggers have clearly explained, what George Washington and the Founders did in setting up this country is so opposed to the totalitarian ideology of terrorism that it is amazing that a network news anchor is so disengaged from common sense to make such a claim. The wisdom of a life-experienced veteran of wars and/or farming, and/or just small town life in a rural state in this country dwarfs that of today's so-called intellectualism in big, old media.

And I thought NBC was going to clean up this garbage as Brokaw retired.

As, Hugh Hewitt has been stating, there is a "new media" rising up. People like me who grew up thinking they were just watching Tom Brokaw give us the news as it was, have now learned (and learned again) that what we have been seeing is a heavily shaded and skewed view of the world. And we are hungry for new media. Talk radio and Fox News is just the start.


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