Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CAFTA Trade Agreement

The CAFTA Free Trade Agreement is a prime example of a party changing for the worse.
The Democrats today have become the party of the unions, and by extension, the lower middle class.

But, as all know-- or should know, union workers are not poor people. Anyone working a non-union hourly job knows just how good union workers have it. Fighting for unions is nothing more than an easy way to raise big money while supporting workers making very decent livings-- especially relative to the real poor in this country.
And this is to say nothing of the poorest people in the world-- the people in other countries, so-called 'third world' countries.
The Democrats have traditionally been viewed as a party for the poor. But, they don't do anything for poor people. And in the last couple years, they have become downright hostile toward the real poor of this country, and around the world.
When it came time to cut taxes to ZERO for the lowest income people in this country, the Democrats fought touth-and-nail against the bill. When it comes to free trade agreements that will lead to new jobs and opportunities for the poorest people in other countries-- the Democrats fight touth-and-nail against it. Democrats don't think people in other countries should be able to compete for jobs in the world work force. Democrats believe that if people in other countries get a chance to improve their well being, the environment will be ruined-- all the while they drive cars every day and pollute more in a year then any of these people in other countries will ever pollute.
The moral bankruptcy of the Democratic party is stunning. It will take time to sink in. For the time being, being Repulican, and generally pro-business, is viewed so hesitatingly. But as the dust begins to clear people are going to understand who really is moving this world forward-- for the better. Republican policies are better for all the people of the world. And the future is bright for those willing to believe that new technologies and breakthroughs are going to continually improve the world for the better.


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