Sunday, July 03, 2005

Anti Live 8

Perhaps I am in the minority, but watching a bunch of gazillionaires make pleas to the masses to help the poor is not exactly stirring. Watching them pull together 'hundreds of thousands' of people to drink beer, kool-aid, and jump up and down really doesn't accomplish much of anything. If Will Smith wants to get down and dirty and encourage others to join him in the trenches of fighting poverty then that would be one thing. But lip service at a big party gets nothing done-- all the while, the people there, and the pictures that go around the globe make it seem as if something actually is getting accomplished. It is the Bill Clinton way of getting things done. So long as you can act like you do something, its getting accomplished. Its like the mentality where people rest assured that they are doing their share because they vote. Or, well, I was there at Live 8 so I did something.
The world is changing for the better. But it has nothing to do with Live 8 charades. You have to look away from the fanfare. While those people were out partying and talking about how somebody else needs to do something there were just as many people (unscientific thought that I have) around the globe volunteering their time at soup kitchens or food drives. They won't get reported about, they aren't seeking attention. They just did a small part. A small part with many others doing small parts. And collectively the accomplishment is enormous-- baby steps to a better future. And each of them accomplished-- in a couple hours of volunteering-- much, much, much, much more. And, they will get up and do it again the next day or the next week.


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