Saturday, May 14, 2005

Late to the Party?

It is interesting to watch all of these "progressive", kind of 'new age', "alternative", supposedly hip, liberals run around in blind support of the Democratic Party. They really believe they are on to something and fighting the big power, etc. But the irony is that with a little homework they would find out that they really are not paving new ground, but rather fighting for a party that ruled Washington, DC for nearly 70 years-- at times by sobering, eye-opening majorities... President, House, and Senate. With a little study of history these progressive, alternative liberals would find that they are actually very, very, very late to the (Democratic) Party. And blind support for the Democratic Party is hardly a cutting-edge or progressive view. The real reformers, and leaders, and cutting-edge young political minds aren't trying to be cool or be alternative, but that's what they are.


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