Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Reagan's Revolution

A great new book is out--

Reagan's Revolution : The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All

The story is about how the Republican Party won in 1980 by losing in 1976.

A poster added Joe Trippi's review which says Democrats can learn how to bring their party back by reading this book. The funny thing is-- what is there to bring the Democrats back from. They haven't even begun to fall apart yet. The Democrats ran Congress (sometimes by amazingly wide margins) for 70's years before Gingrich narrowly grabbed the House in 1994. Republicans are just barely edging out in front right now and 2004 was a big step forward with the Senate opening up a little. When Reagan turned the party around it wasn't a party that had just lost a close election here or there, it was a party that was completely shut out of Congress for decades.

Democrats don't even know what's coming their way. They will be breaking up sooner, or later. The interesting thing about Republicans is their confidence in differing in public. Democrats are currently hiding behind the facade of iron clad hatred for George W. Bush. And they have a grip on believing that they are the party that really just wants a better world for everyone. The final straw will be as people realize there are people that hope the world will just be the idealistic place it should be, and then there are people that actually make it happen. More of the people that actually make it happen are now Republicans. Activist Democrats don't want to actually change the world for the better, they just want to get in power. (If your reading and you think hard about yourself, as a Dem you just want a Dem in power and then you can go back to listening to your ipod and going to concerts and buying new tech gadgets and you can just believe something is getting done).

The world will improve for the better in dramatic ways (no matter what bumps may come) over the next 10 years. Start being a part of it. Many will miss it, they won't even realize its happening. Its always too late when its obvious. The people that improve the environment, raise living standards, and more won't be who most people think. And they might got even get attention until things are really moving...


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