Monday, March 07, 2005

The Media

The liberal media keeps pressing ahead with the tactics they used in the election cycle.

They attempt to recast (and cast) people in the light they want them to be.... well, I don't know how to say it, but through example.

Ever notice every article about Barak Obama begins with "Rising Star...". He's a rising star only because the media tells people over and over he is a rising star.

Today the ever so liberal, but not so smooth New York Times tries a fast one with something to the effect of Republicans Raving About Hillary's New Centrist Image. They find one or two people that voted for a Republican once before (like say for John McCain in an open primary) and proclaim a national trend is emerging. They keep telling everyone Hillary is a centrist so that she becomes a centrist just like Obama is a 'rising star'.

Hillary doesn't bother me at all. And the point has nothing to do with Hillary. Its about media manipulation. The liberal media will try as hard as they can to make people as they want them to be. They will never report the news. And that always back fires so don't fret (and not about Hillary so much as I really don't care whether she wins anything or not-- I will cheer her own probably just because she is a capable women). But I am talking about the liberal media in general-- just sit back and know that just like the 2004 election-- no matter how hard they try to make the people believe this or that, people will make up their own minds. In the end I think Hillary could win, but will miss by a couple percentage points--- and when we look back it will probably be because the media tried so hard to make everyone believe in her.

The liberal media isn't some fabrication. Its just something that people like me have to deal with and compete against-- and sometimes just laugh at. I do laugh in wonderment sometimes about how unprofessional and immature the people in some of these news rooms are. To me its actually kind of comical.



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