Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Believe in a better future

The choice is clear. You get what you ask for. George W. Bush believes in a successful future and freedom for Iraqi's. There is no alternative. Optimism breeds success.
America is a force for good.
Where we are today given the challenges this country faced in 2001 and 2002 gives me pause. We have come back in ways I never thought possible. I was really down right after 9/11. I am thankful for what we have and believe we are doing good in Iraq for so many people.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Heinz Factories

From an email I received:

>   I checked and my bottle of Heinz catsup says "Product of Canada"
>   Guess I'll be checking out all the Heinz products at the store!
>   Shortly after reading the following e-mail content, I happened to
>   look at the label of a jar of Heinz sandwich slice pickles.
>   Yep...."Made in Mexico."
>   Check some of your Heinz products. Sen. John Kerry keeps talking
>   about U.S. corporations leaving this country and setting up shop in
>   foreign countries, taking thousands of jobs with them. He is
>   right, because that has
>   happened. However, he is trying to blame it on George W. Bush. As
>   far as I know, Bush has not moved one factory out of this country
>   because he is not the owner of a single factory. That cannot be
>   said about Kerry and his wife,Teresa Heinz-Kerry. According to the
>   Wall Street Journal, the Kerrys own 32 factories in Europe and 18
>   in Asia and the Pacific.
>   In addition, their company, the Heinz Company, leases four
>   factories in Europe and four in Asia. Also, they own 27 factories
>   in North America, some
>   of which are in Mexico and the Caribbean.

So much for keeping all those jobs in the U.S.

Democracy except for Nader

So Nader isn't on the ballot in Ohio or Pennsylvania. And Democrats across the country are breathing big sighs of relief. They successfully used everything they could to keep him off the ballot.
The justification in their head is that the future of democracy depends on suppressing democracy in this one crucial election. Ahhh! But of course.