Friday, August 13, 2004

Me and Advertisements

Marketers may need to start paying attention to people like myself.
When I watch TV on NBC I will be well aware that this is the network trying to influence people's minds with biased coverage of the news from Katie Couric and Matt Lower on the Today Show and from Tom Brokaw on The Nightly News.
And their level of bias has gone to a whole new extreme, especially with Tom Brokaw, as the election approaches.
For me, learning of this bias in the last couple years has been something of a big event for me.
I grew up in the Midwest. I didn't think about biases or anything growing up-- or even in college. I watched Tom Brokaw and thought I was just watching the news. Little did I understand how methodically he crafts his lines to subtly influence opinions. And little did I understand that how much time devoted to an issue, and how it was covered, were part of Tom Brokaw's decisions about what is morally correct, and bluntly what's good for his Democratic party.
I didn't understand any of this, but now I do.
And so when I am watching NBC and see ads for AT&T Wireless I am glad to be a Sprint PCS customer. And so on and so on. I will not be supporting advertisers of this crap.
In the early 90's Americans avoided foreign made products. Today, I want to get rid of the manipulation of opinions taking place by the highest news authorities in this country. The one-sided coverage in unison by the major news outlets is similar to the style of news coverage in say the former Soviet Union. Except here most people don't know that's the case. NBC, MSNBC, NPR, The Nightly News (Tom Brokaw), The Today Show, The Evening News (Dan Rather), Nightline, Newsweek, NYT, WashPost, BBC, CNN (finally introducing some objectivity, but not so for years and years and years), The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chicago Tribune, and on down the list--- they all hold themselves up as something other than what they are.
There needs to be accountability. You want to have a bias-- fine, but make it very clear what your doing. Don't try to subtly sway opinions.
There needs to be accountability. And for now, I will just do it via ads--- deliberately seeking to avoid sponsors of this garbage spewing.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Associated Press

The Associated with Liberals Press is so predictable.
Below is a full story from AP via Yahoo! News. The story is about a Democratic Governor abruptly resigning following sexual harrassment allegations from a former aide.
Notice absolutely no mention of the sexual scandal. Simply "He's made up his mind" to resign. That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by. Nothing to see here. Oh- near the end AP uses this tagline-- "raising taxes on millionaires, casinos and cigarettes" as a substitute for the D-word and to remind you of those excellent liberal virtues. Ok-- move along. No story here. Please move along.
Imagine if this were a Republican governor. Stop the presses. Front page national news. Republican in the headline. Republican in the first sentence. A tie in to Bush here and there.
Digging around the web you get the full story:
Here's the AP liberal friendly version:
N.J. Governor to Resign, Source Says

17 minutes ago

By JOHN P. McALPIN, Associated Press Writer

TRENTON, N.J. - Gov. James E. McGreevey will announce his resignation Thursday, a longtime friend and political adviser has told The Associated Press.


The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was one of several advisers and staff members who met with McGreevey throughout the afternoon to discuss his political future.

"He's made up his mind," the source said, just before the governor was to attend an afternoon news conference.

McGreevey, the state's 51st governor, took office 2 1/2 years ago, and despite inheriting a $5 billion budget deficit, he steadfastly refused to boost income taxes for most New Jerseyans, instead raising taxes on millionaires, casinos and cigarettes.

But he has been dogged by several scandals involving fund-raising.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I'm not going to try to predict this election. Short term is not really my specialty. What I am absolutely sure about is that the U.S. is moving Republican longer term.
Democrats are blindly self assured, determined, and unified. There is no need to look into ANY issue. There is no need for them to ANALYZE any policy, or to try to understand TRADEOFFS and COMPLEXITIES about any policy or issue.
That is because one issue is above all others. George W. Bush must go and then the world will magically return to the land of high flying IPO's and France and Germany will be our friends--- screw those people in China and India who have outsourcing jobs. And screw the dozens of countries that are our allies right now in the war on terror. France and Germany is what matters.
Digression. Ok, so...
The country as a whole is generally ingrained to be afraid of, and skeptical of, Republicans.
But, longer-term, the trend is changing. And this election, or any election, means nothing as far as long term trends are concerned.

Bloggers and News Bias

So, great, there are about a dozen or so bloggers doing some investigative journalism these days, connecting dots, and putting together stories that explain important news items that the mainstream media quickly passes over.
The problem is that how many people read these things. For a few of the bloggers it is a large, meaningful amount of people. But in the grand scheme of things, their investigative journalism is only heard by a very, very, very small number of people.
Thus, when Sandy Berger clearly breaks the law, that's not a story for the mainstream media. It is a right wing conspiracy. It is not about covering what Berger may have done wrong. It is about moving on, because clearly a conspiracy to bring him down is behind this.
When 250 swift boat veterans against Kerry come forward with a story its not about what Kerry might have done wrong. Its not about finding out the facts behind their story. Its not about learning about discrepancies in Kerry's stories. Instead, there is no story for the mainstream media because this is a right wing conspiracy.
So, a few bloggers can cover these stories top-to-bottom and really get to the bottom of it. But, that is not going to be heard on Main Street, Side Street, or even an alley of Side Street.
We get weeks and weeks of undending coverage of Abu Gharib. Not because its such a humanitarian crisis. But almost purely to implicate George W. Bush. Front page story after front page story. Day after day, week after week. A military out of control. Another reason to lump to the 800 other ones we have been droned to remember as another reason to join the Anybody but Bush mission to save the world.
Bush's Reserve Duty--- week after week, investigative journalists paid thousands and thousands of dollars to find any dirt they could. Front page stories. Talk shows. Everything. You name it. Time to get to the bottom of this-- every last detail.
But, Kerry who clearly (I watched every minute of major speeches at the DNC) made his Vietnam record one of the pinnacles of his Presidential qualifications, is not even questioned once about any of it.
Its a right wing conspiracy. There is no story here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

George W. Bush and Canada

I can't tell you the number of friends and people I know that said they were gonna move to Canada if George W. Bush won the election. This is prior to the 2000 election. Of course none of them moved. And, the irony is that none of them, sit back and realize that things have not been bad-- at all. Sure, if you want to be a drama queen entranced by the media, its books, and its movies, well then I guess you could once again have that move-to-Canada-hysteria rekindled. But, the fact of the matter is (and I have said this before) that life right now is good. And its better today for more people across the globe because of George W. Bush.
I am a natural skeptic. Thus when the media keep on knocking I don't eventually jump in and swim with the tide. I step back and ask questions.
I fear that people in general like to swim with the tide. I fear the momentum of hatred for George W. Bush will continue to latch on with more and more people, as they join the popular bandwagon. It is a natural human trait to just follow along with the latest trend.
Over the next few 2 1/2 months there will be the big protests at the Repulicans convention, then there will be a parade of concerts by John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, etc, and then finally Michael Moore's movie will come out on video.
And more and more people will wake up to realize that life in this country will never be the same if George W. Bush is re-elected. Just as in 2000, people I knew threatened to move to Canada.
The Messiah doesn't come when all the people expect him to come. The savior doesn't come in when everyone is calling for it. And that is essentially what Kerry supporters believe him to be. A savior in a time of (crisis?--- this--- life today--- this is a crisis of unmagnified importance).
The anti-Christ isn't the person everyone knows is evil. It is common wisdom, even to the biggest George W. Bush supporters, that Bush is widely regarded as the most evil person on the planet. This clearly is not someone pulling a fast one on anybody.
I looked hard at all the Democratic contenders a few months back. I voted for Democrats in November of 2003. I have thought twice and three times about Bush. Is this guy really that bad? Am I missing the obvious?
And I pulled through the fog. And I know this sounds arrogant, but I have never been so sure about anything in my life. I know George W. Bush is the right person for this country right now. And for the time he has been President I know 100% that he was the absolute right person to have for the last 3 1/2 years. I know that. And I don't really care who wins this election in November. It isn't THAT important to me.
I am not going to run around in hatred of other people even though I am totally sure they are wrong about this.
I don't care who wins in November. It will be interesting to watch if the masses jump on the fabricated news, anti-Bush hype concerts, and distorted film depictions. That will intrigue me.
And in the end, life will be better. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, or however long it takes, life will be better than it is today. In that too, I have no doubt.
Just as life today is better than it was four years ago. 


The United States was founded by people who moved away from Europe's tyrannical ways. Now, Europeans are calling for a new U.S. President so that they can be friends with us. And, there is a political party in the U.S., the Democrats, and their Presidential candidate, John Kerry, that wants to reunite us with Europe and heal the wounds caused by the liberal media's George W. Bush hate machine. And once again America will have to break free from Europe's backward culture. It is just a matter of whether Americans have the courage to stand up now, or whether we will have four years of John Kerry to drive it home to us why America is not Europe. America was founded by forward thinkers intent on freeing themselves from Europe's grip. And America is forward thinking now. We don't need to align with Europe. It is Europe that has the catching up, and growing up, to do. And Americans will discover this. Whether the media can fool the people into the John Kerry trap-- well, we will see. But longer term. This is a no brainer. America will be blazing its own trail.

Monday, August 09, 2004


For me, this is really an amazing thing we are witnessing. This media and Hollywood driven hysteria about President Bush.

For me, there is no evidence in the world to compel such hatred and emotion.

The American public is being continually bombarded with stories about how bad it is in Iraq, how bad the economy is, how bad George Bush is, and every conspiracy anyone could conceive in their wildest dreams. There are BOOKS. Tons and tons and tons of BOOKS. There are "DOCU"MENTARIES. There are MOVIES. There is NEWSWEEK, The NY Times, NPR, The Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Evening News with Dan Rather, Nightline, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Slate, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Bono of U2, and (my hand is getting tired-- search around the web)...

There is all of this telling the public over and over again about this big secret-- that George W. Bush is single-handedly destroying the planet and 4 more years and he will certainly then put on his anti-Christ jacket and destroy the planet.

We have had 3 1/2 years of George W. Bush. What has happened? Well first off the internet stock bubble burst (the same bubble that so enamors Democrats these days who long for the return of high flying IPO's and economy where the gap between rich and poor went to a whole new level. Democrats want that back, badly. The economy no longer cycles-- economic growth is a right). We had the corporate scandals (all of which have been forgotten about except Enron, because the media-- see media list above-- love a good Bush conspiracy). Then there was 9/11-- an event that scared me big time. Scared a lot of people. (Except Democrats who saw it coming. Evil America was due for something like that. And now it no longer exists except as a political issue. 9/11 didn't happen except that which implicates George W. Bush.) So, then what... well, the 40 million people of Iraq have been freed after living under the oppressive rule of a tyrant dictator for 30 years (but don't tell that to a liberal, or a Democrat-- they believe Iraqi's, not terrorists are fighting against us now. They wait with drool dripping from their mouths for the next car bomb they can put on the front cover of the newspaper and/or rant about with their friends. The Iraqis are not free until a tyrannical dictator rises up again, because that is and will likely always be the Middle East standard). I will move on here (Apologies for not addressing the freedoms that women in Iraq and Afghanistan now enjoy. And, apologies for not addressing the girls who now attend schools).

So what else has happened during George W. Bush's presidency that gives cause for liberal angst? Well it couldn't possibly be the fact that gay marriages are taking place across the country. That didn't happen under Bill Clinton. Its only happening today. It can't possibly be the censoring of political speech by Senator Lott and others. It can't possibly be the doubling of stem cell research that has occurred for the first time ever by a President (spare me your liberal media buzz lines please-- if Democrats and Clinton were so smart they could have started funding it all the way around-- and also please don't tell me about how its a new technology because a. its not that new, and even if you could dig up 5 NYTimes articles to 'prove' it to me, there are dozens more research papers written that could have compelled Clinton to fund it). Perhaps its the fact that instead of just giving teachers raises (like usual) in an effort to improve the continually declining state of education, the President has decided that by testing students we can find out who needs help and who doesn't (and spare me the unfunded mandate b.s.-- read into the issue before jumping on the next sound byte). Perhaps its Abu Gharib that is the rub. Heck with some 40 or so front page stories by the Chicago Tribune and another 25 or so by the NY Times I could imagine that has a bunch of liberals and Democrats up in arms (Nevermind Sandy Berger-- addressed once on page 19 by the NY Times).

So anyways... I could go on, but time to move on to the point here.

Hysteria is sweeping the nation. It's like the hola hoop (I'm not that old), or rolling up your jeans in middle school (that's me), or whatever the latest fad is. Hating George W. Bush IS, IS, IS POP CULTURE. It is popular. It is mainstream to jump on this mass bandwagon.

And that is what fascinates me.

Democrats are acting like a bunch of trend following high schoolers.

A walk in the park and a fresh breathe of air is all one needs to do in order to realize that the end of the world is far from upon us BECAUSE OF George W. Bush. If the end of the world is at all near it will have nothing to do with George W. Bush. A terrorist attack of mass efforts could bring about the doom and gloom that is being driven through the U.S. population at large right now.

The economy and the war in Iraq are smooth right now. Any, ANY, objective, CLEAR VIEWED, look at the state of the U.S. and the world would have to draw that conclusion.

The brainwashing of America. Will the wool be pulled over everyone's eyes for another 85 days?