Saturday, July 31, 2004

September 11th

Check this post out. It is a very detailed overview. It is a long post but a good one. This post puts words to the exact same feelings that I have inside.

I add a postscript of insight into my thoughts:

I woke up a little later. I fell victim to those first few days of wondering what we did wrong.

It wasn't until about a year, or maybe more, later that I realized George W. Bush had it right from the very first minute.

America didn't do anything wrong. We didn't have anything to feel ashamed of or bad about.

And, we needed to act.


Hi... Welcome to "The New Alternative".

I'm a conservative (gasp), Republican (double gasp).


More of the same

Today's Washington Post front page has more of the same. They use a cover story article to say "Hey look at these people switching to Kerry".

Never will you see an article in the Washington Post or any other liberal outlet (NY Times, NPR, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time, etc) that addresses the other reality.

People like me.

I split my ticket every election. Last November I voted for Green Party, Democrats, and Republicans. Presidential elections-- Democrats and Republicans.

But I will never vote for a Democrat again.

Hey Washington Post come talk to my little punk ass.

The Latest Media Ploy

The latest ploy is using the person who has switched party to demonstrate what must be an overwhelming trend in the country. The journalists round up a former Republican (or someone who claims to have been one) and tell the story of how George Bush alienated them and how they are voting against him. But, as usual, no coverage of the other side of that coin. Take me. An independent voter who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in Presidential elections. Take me- someone who scattered my votes as recently as November 2003, voting for Democrats, Green Party, and Republican. I signed up for campaign newsletters during the Democrats primary and listened to as many of all of their speeches as I could. And I had time-- I didn't have a good job and I worked odd hours. But, the primary process did help mold my decision on the Presidential election. And, not only that, I clearly know who I am and what I stand for. I am 100% behind George W. Bush and I will not be splitting my votes any more. I am wholeheartedly behind the Republican Party. I know every conspiracy out there. And I have read every article that an ardent hater of President Bush has read. I know the conspiracy web sites and the whole nine yards. So you don't know something I haven't explored already. Heck, with all the negative publicity..... Its nearly impossible to support George W. Bush without taking a long walk and asking 'Gosh, am I doing the right thing?'. So don't presume I just don't know. Don't presume I haven't seen what you've seen or that I don't know the truth or the real reality. Don't presume I go to church every week and belong to a radical right wing Conservative religious group. I simply, wholeheartedly support President George W. Bush for a number of different reasons. Moreover, I am a Republican now, not only because of the leadership and policies of George W. Bush, but also because of what I have heard from the Democratic Party. I could go on, but that would start to overshadow the main point of this post: if the media is going to cover people who are switching to vote for John Kerry you better come talk to me, because 9 months ago my vote was up for grabs for any election and now I am a Republican, 100% behind George W. Bush.

Friday, July 30, 2004

New Blog. Come Say Hi.

Just testing this thing out.

Convention Coverage

I don't know if blogs were really a big winner. I found myself going to the same blogs I generally went to prior to the Convention. I didn't go to any special new convention blog. And, at least for me, I primarily watched everything on TV. Every major speech-- I watched. Out of the three major news outlets--- I felt CNN emerged the winner. They appeared to take the straight-as-an-arrow high road. FOX always had both sides well represented, but at times it got a bit tabloidish (new word). MSNBC, I think, was the clear loser. Bringing on board Ron Reagan was taking advantage of a guy whose taking advantage of his name and the fact that his father recently passed away. Ron Reagan clearly came across as a partisan and a know-it-all. I don't think people on the left, or the right, are interested in hearing what Ron Reagan has to say. Back to blogs- no doubt they picked up more national attention off the convention blogging, but no big win in my opinion-- just a continued slow march to much bigger things to come for the blogging world.

Funny thing about that original post. This blog got off to a very slow start.