Sunday, December 19, 2004


If your guided by negativity you should never get out of bed in the morning. They will respond by calling it realism. By realism they mean, why did we go to war if we didn't take into account all of the negative possibilities. For the same reason we get out of bed in the morning. Not guided by all of the things that could go wrong during our day but inspired by what new things we might do or see. Inspired by possibilities of a new, better day.
The future for Iraqi's is brighter than it has ever been before. And it will only get better.
The anti-war activists have never understood that we are not fighting Iraq. Our soldiers are over in Iraq liberating the country from a dictator and paving the way for peace. What we are fighting is terrorists who have come from around the world not to fight for the freedom of the people of Iraq, but to fight a) against their freedom, and b) to fight the same mythical enemy the left in America fights.
This lack of understanding... and the fear that nothing good is possible.... the fear for the worst...
That is what guide's a liberal in this country. And that is what motivates terrorism.
Liberals should fight for their CAUSE (environmentalism, or whatever else) instead of rallying behind anything (such as bad news in Iraq) that will give them POLITICAL power. But they will never see that. And meanwhile, those that are thinking clearly will actually do more to improve the living standards of the poor, living conditions of the oppressed, and (yes) even improve the environment over the next decade. Don't listen to these negative thinkers, because you will miss all of the good that will be happening. Be a part of an amazing transformation, that will shock people around the world. Positive change won't come because of activists and protestors. It will come from the complete opposite direction... where people aren't looking. It will come from positive thinkers like you!


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