Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What's That I Hear

Well, I think it is the same pessimistic, end-of-the-world, beat-Bush-at-all-costs voices screaming once again. Grabbing at power they don't have. Cursing elected leaders they will not accept. These voices of unending pessimism are unrelenting and they are redefining reason and words themselves. For example, the word tolerance has a new meaning. Tolerance means accepting that Europe is right and that the liberal viewpoint-- on all matters-- must be acknowledged by everyone. Tolerance does not mean being open-minded about people in the "red states". In fact tolerance means people in the red states must acquiesce (apologies if I misspelled this big-- obviously elitist blue state- word) to all liberal viewpoints and relinquish all power to liberals. Tolerance means liberals are right no matter what happens in elections.
I will stop here. The point is, words are being redefined. The mainstream media that was a problem for Bush before the election still exists. Speak out for what you believe in.
I will save the following critique for another day. Is tolerance-- even if properly defined-- a value?


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