Friday, November 19, 2004


I voted in the vastly, predominately white Washington DC suburbs in red state Virginia. There was a VERY long line-- tons of people standing around. It took an hour. There were only 4 voting machines.

I didn't make a phone call to report voting irregularities. I didn't think they were trying to dissuade me from voting.

There were only 4 voting machines and tons of people waiting in a long, winding line. Should I report voting irregularities? Was this all aimed at keeping my Republican vote out of this election?

I will quit my ranting before it really gets started.

And turn to another subject. And apologies if I print stuff you don't read anywhere else. Or stuff that sounds like tough talk.

So far as I am concerned if somehow the voting machines were rigged for Bush-- then more power to him and the Republicans. Democrats have put all their eggs in a strategy of influencing opinions, minds, and votes through dominating control of all media outlets. Surely many of their ongoing lies and perpetuated myths are worth perhaps as much as 10 percentage points at the poll. It takes courage to see threw the crap and vote for Republicans. So, if Republicans thought through the strategy and said we could buy the media or buy the voting machines and decided the voting machines are the bottom line-- let's go for that. Then too bad Dem's. You got smoked. Sometimes the game ends at the buzzer and you need to have control at the end.

But screw that conspiracy talk about voting irregularities. That was the strategy all along-- if they lost they would keep control of their base by hanging conspiracy theories out there. Half of them have already been disproven out of hand. Like Florida and the registered Dem counties. Those registered Dem counties even voted for Bob Dole. The counties are in the panhandle. They stopped voting for Dems a long time ago.

Moreover, Dems had every chance--- for example, they did everything to disenfranchise Nader voters. Nader wasn't on the ballot in any of the controversial states. How many votes did that save the Democrats? All the lawsuits to keep Nader off the ballot.

Finally, the national election difference was 3,500,000 votes which is far more than say Kennedy's margin. Speaking of Kennedy, do some homework on that one. You want to talk about a stolen election. Look at that one. Dead people voted for Kennedy in Chicago-- tipping the balance.

I talked to Democrats the day of the election who were joking about 'voting early, and voting often'. And its not a joke. This is a strategy Dems have used many times over. In fact, one Dem confided to me about stories of revolving lines at polling places in heavily Dem areas. He wasn't referring to this election, but you could probably imagine that this decades old strategy still goes on.

Dems lost. They refuse to understand that millions of people cast their vote for George W. Bush. Some are fiscal conservatives, some are war hawks, some are the 'religious right', some respect what Bush has done fighting terrorism, some are adament about free markets, some want lower taxes.... they voted for George W. Bush. Its not some grand conspiracy.

Are you late to the (Democratic) party? The party is over. You ruled both houses of congress for decades and decades. And now the tide is changing.


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