Saturday, November 20, 2004

Make no mistake

Democrats are out to destroy this country. They are operating under all of these false-positives, things that are 'obviously' the right thing to do. I think it was Sherlock Holmes or someone who said 'There is nothing more dangerous than an obvious fact'.
One example of this is the anti-war movement. Libs and Dems feel so confident in their anti-war stance because all war must be evil. Another example is drumming up their 'faithful' supporters by admonishing Tom Delay. Nevermind that Dems have never even had a law on the books to repudiate their own party. Its all about Republicans taken away a law-- which, again what you don't hear, is a law Dems have never even had. MOREOVER, the reason Republicans have to take away their law is because a Democrat attorney is trying to use it against them. Sick. Finally, there are the election claims. Nevermind any of the facts. And nevermind a 3.5 million vote differential.
Its going to be a rough couple/few years. Dems are going to challenge Republicans to their cores in a last desperate power grab. But in the end, the Dems will fall apart badly. It is just a matter of how and when.
Anti-Americanism will never win in America. There are plenty of places on this planet for anti-American voices to run to.
Part of living in a competitively structured society is accepting losing, or accepting not winning. Republicans have been the losers in Washington for decades and decades and decades-- going back to the 1920's. Finally, and slowly, Republicans are gaining ground and grasping some control.


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