Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's interesting

It's interesting what this country has become in the last 12 months.
It is now more important to be anti-American. The more anti-U.S. you are, the better your chance to become U.S. President.
It is more important now to have a media you can be counted on to expose every flaw in the country and make darn sure everyone in the country is fully aware of every flaw the President has.
Finally, its interesting that the Democrats got momentum in their campaign with a message of hatred for one person--- the President of the United States. There are Anybody But Bush bumper stickers all around to preach this hatred.
Moreover, propagandist films are an excellent way to put your message in front of people for 2 hours. They come off as entirely factual based documentaries and rally up support for your candidate.
Then, through all of the above, there becomes absolutely no focus on the fact that we are an inch away from putting two of the top 3 most liberal Senators in the United States into the White House. And no focus on how hawkish they have become while maintaining their anti-war doves via the propaganda films and Anybody But Bush hatred.
So who will get let down by a Kerry presidency. Will it be the doves, as Kerry marches around the world carrying out the Pentagon's missions? Will it be this country, as Kerry bows to the doves and takes far too long to make the critical decisions necessary to protect this country from the terrorists the Democrats have so artfully made sure we have forgotten about? Will it be the economy that suffers from this sort of indecision and higher taxes on the rich? Could it be all three as Kerry a) moves too slowly, b) then reacts too aggressively?
Well, these are the questions the media isn't asking. And the two sides which the Democrats are trying to reel in (anti-war and pro-defense) do not seem to understand that 1 or both will be let down.


Blogger Kat said...

"Could it be all three as Kerry a) moves too slowly, b) then reacts too aggressively?"

Hey, I particularly liked that line. That's a very astute comment. And that will be it. He will slow up for a year or two, the enemy will bet their feet under them and then we will be attacked. Then kerry will find out what it's like to be stonewalled by your alleged allies. He actually should be learning that now since the Europeans continue to deny they will assist with military in Iraq. The US will continue to carry 90% of the burden as it always has.

And the economy will see it too. He will raise the taxes back and the economy will come to a screeching halt within a year he will have economic downturn and wondering why.


October 11, 2004 at 5:58 PM  

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