Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Future

After the debate. My thoughts.
Who's the real war monger?
John Kerry pressed Bush as to why we haven't gone to Iran and North Korea. He stressed that he would use preemptive force.
Kerry your own anti-Christ burden.
Think whatever you want.
George W. Bush has provided this world with steady leadership, expanding freedom in crucial places. He has protected America, unequivocally. He doesn't apologize for it. George W. Bush is President of the United States of America. His job is to protect AMERICA and its interests.
Europeans would like to paint America as imperalists so they can clear their soles of their misdeeds. So, they can lift their burden of reckless takeover of the world and chide this great country.
America brings freedom to other places. We don't ask for it, but we do the job-- giving for others.
We are bringing freedom to Iraqis and all of the media pessimism can't deny the reality of the slow progress that comes with removing a brutal dictator of 30 years in a hostile land and starting over with freedom and democracy.
Bold leadership and steady leadership.
If I learned anything, personally, in the debate it was this. George W. Bush didn't seem to have a grand plan. John Kerry is the one ready to go in and attack in North Korea and Iran.
You can take that burden to the polls.
I'll vote for the reality of the 4 years we have just experienced. Have their been bumps. Yep. But life right now is moving along so much better than I ever, EVER would have imagined in the days after 9/11. The leadership, and, truly, the steady hand of George W. Bush has been incredible. It is amazing what this country has accomplished.
And I look forward to voting for Bush and standing behind him for 4 more years and witnessing progress, in freedom, around the globe.


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