Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Winner

The reason George W. Bush won this debate is because he played defense.
It didn't look like a win, but upon a heart felt review it was a win.
People want a determined leader who will steadfastly go the extra mile. People do not want a President that is constantly hawkish. George W. Bush took a step back in this debate and was more tactical about his vision for the future, where Iraq and Afghanistan are areas for hope and can be examples of freedom for the world.
It was Kerry who looked like the war hawk. He pressed the issue on North Korea and Iran and even went so far as to specifically stress his willingness to take pre-emptive action.
These underlying themes definitely will embolden the Bush base. And Kerry basically turned away from the anti-war vote. The anybody-but-Bush vote is what it is, but the anti-war voters will be staying home.
And Bush supporters can find solace in his defense in this debate. He's not a war hawk. Just a good leader. And the right leader, at the right time, doing things for the right reasons. By playing defense, whether by choice or via how he felt in his heart at the time, Bush definitely made it clear to people that he is doing what he has to do and is not reckless about it in any sense.
That's why George W. Bush won the debate.


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