Sunday, October 10, 2004

60 Minutes and the Kerry Campaign

If Kerry needs an issue 60 minutes and Dan Rather deliver one.
Any reason why the media, Democrats, and the U.N. haven't done anything about Sudan (an issue that has been known as a crisis for MONTHS and MONTHS) ?
Well, they wanted an election issue.
The Democrats have been pressing the U.N. to stand by and do as little as possible so that Kerry and the Democrats could use Sudan as an election issue.
60 Minutes tonight ran a story they could have run months ago. Instead, they sat on the story waiting to spring it on the election.
Any idea why the public is just now starting to learn about Sudan? Any reason why the U.N. hasn't done anything about it?
CBS, Newsweek, the New York Times, Brokaw, Rather, the L.A. Times, NPR, Slate, and the Washington Post, have there news cycle all laid out until election day. Every story you read about today has been coordinated with Kerry's campaign speeches, and his debate talking points.


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