Friday, September 17, 2004

The News Media and the Presidency

Today's news story-- one sighting a major national poll with a 13-point lead and a small poll most people have never heard of that has a 1-pt lead looks to be an attempt by the national media to start making a case that the poll results are shifting back in Kerry's favor. They have a gloom and doom Iraq report that they will use as the reasoning and surely over the next several days we will see a host of new polls that come out saying 10,8,7,6,5,4.
Part of me understands the depth of the media manufactured portion of the presidential election which will do everything they can to get Kerry elected thus making this a race down to the wire.
The other part of me is starting to recognize what I feel deeper inside. When people look at their own lives outside of this media driven hysteria this election is a no-brainer. Bush will win by the 13 points or so that current polls suggest.
Is the media willing to sacrifice the little reputation that they have left to try and close this gap by throwing out more Dan Rather type stories?
When will they begin to call a spade a spade? After the election? Is that when we will start hearing stories about how life under Bush has not only not been horribly horrendous but actually pretty darn good. Is that when we will start to hear stories that maybe things are moving along ok in Iraq and that liberating millions of people was a bold and right thing to do.
How much longer do the people have to wait for the truth?
How much longer before the media talks about people like me, who used to vote for Democrats but have completely changed worldviews because they are sick and sick and sick and sick and tired of all the pessimistic banter that continues to stream out of the media and the Democrats and John Kerry.
Always believe in a better future.
I challenged myself earlier this year to start at breakeven in evaluating the candidates and the issues.
For a liberal it is so easy to be complacent in your worldview because you have overwhelming stacks and stacks of articles and miles and miles of video taped news segments written and produced by people like yourself. They confirm your world view every day all day. Imagine living in a world where your constantly lumped in as something your not. Every day I am basically lumped in as either a backward hick from the South who doesn't know any better, OR, I must be a right-wing card carrying Christian Coalition member---- that's because I support George W. Bush. I am stereotyped every day by the media who don't want to knock down the doors of truth to find out the real story of what's happening in this country. There are wild eyed optimists who believe in America and believe we are doing the right thing the best way we can. They are people like me. You have any news for me.


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