Friday, September 17, 2004

Blame it on Nader

What the Democrats will never realize is that a rise in Nader votes will be directly correlated to a gain in votes by acting tough on terrorism. If Kerry talks tough on terrorism and continues to build himself up as a war president than Dem's should understand that Nader will rise in the polls and it will have nothing to do with another Bush conspiracy or some evil twist that did their candidate in.
It is just logical. There is a small, but sizable portion of 'no blood on my hands' voters who will want nothing to do with either candidate and Nader is staunchly anti war.
Kerry is working hard to get just enough of the anti war vote and some in the middle by talking tough on Bush at some events and talking tough on terror at others.
Dems will blame Nader or blame anyone but themselves. They may even end up blaming the media because the media might dare to run a story that Dems are not used to seeing in any of 'their' newspapers or magazines or on 'their' news shows. Center on CNN, Newsweek, MSNBC, Wash Post, NPR, NYT, Chicago Tribune, yada yada yada is being very tough on Bush and looking the other way on Kerry. That's centrist. So, if one of these media outlets decides to run an article that is REMOTELY favorable of Bush or REMOTELY critical of Kerry it will begin cries of a media conspiracy. Kerry would have won if it wasn't for whatever it might be.
That's how skewed liberal minds have become.
You never have to think about your view of the world if your liberal and listen and read the major news stories in this country. Your views are always reinforced. You don't have to look deep inside and challenge your own biases and inconsistencies. Your always told how right you are. If you can't stand George W. Bush every day you get 18 hundred more pieces of news to add to your stack that confirm your worldview.
Step outside the box. Challenge yourself. I did. And I see so clearly now and it feels good.


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