Monday, August 02, 2004

The previous post

The previous post is symbolic of the type of person I am.

I am not closed minded. At all. What I am is, I have become whole heartedly capitalist and I have become a Republican. I decided to just let it out (sometime about 3 or so months ago) that I am a Republican (something I started considering in late January as the Democrats rhetoric really started heating up).

But I always have listened to all sides. And I always will.

In the last post I linked to a new Socialist and Liberation Party article. When the Democrats convention came around I listened to every major speech and as many other speeches as I could get my hands on. And I can't help but listen to anti-Bush rhetoric or activist rhetoric. That stuff is always in my face. (I live just outside the beltway, so perhaps 'out in the real world' media coverage is not as anti-Bush every minute, every day like it is here.)

But, I am proud to call myself Republican. And, it literally turns heads around where I live.

But I certainly don't plan to stop listening.

The media and many Democrats wait like a leech for bad news. See, I told you so. See, look at that bad news, I told you. Economy bad? See. People dead? See.

The way I see it, someone emerges as a winner at certain stages of history. I see a trend coming. I might be early. I'm not predicting this current election.

But this country is moving Republican and Democrats have shot themselves in the foot big time. They will blind some people in the short-term with their movies and scare rhetoric of a world spinning out of control if you don't vote for us. But in the long-term people will wake up.

And these times will be remembered.

And I will be doing what little I can to combat Michael Moore's media empire. Typing away here at my computer I will convey the world I see.

Objectively, times are good.

Terrorism is unequivocally wrong. As an American I am against terrorism, not the other party.

I will gladly try to get 4 more years of George W. Bush's steady leadership and the world we live in. And I will never stop listening to others. That I know.


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